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PowerHER Platform

Speaking Services

Looking for a workshop leader, guest speaker, panelist or facilitator? PowerHER Platform founder Kerry Ramsay is an experienced speaker and small group leader who specializes in speaking about The Power of Brand Storytelling, How to Move from Idea to Impact, and How Strong Stories Build Strong Brands.  

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“Drawing on years of experience working with women entrepreneurs, Kerry has a natural ability for engaging students thoughtfully while providing usable tools and expertise to help participants grow their businesses.”

~ Erin Leroux, Program Coordinator 

Women Entrepreneurship Centre

Wilfrid Laurier University

"As an empowerment company, we focus so much on how to empower girls through chess and for a change, we wanted to provide our team with a workshop to empower themselves, so we hired Kerry Ramsay.

Kerry delivered a dynamic seminar that gave our team the tools to be compelling storytellers; there was never a dull moment. We received feedback from our team and many shared how much they loved the informative presentation. Without a doubt, I highly recommend PowerHER Platform."

~ Ingrid Gayle, Founder, Girl Boss Chess

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