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5 Ways to Get Paid to Speak (Even When You're Not Speaking)

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Looking for ways to monetize your business or cause story? Here are a few ideas...

If you're looking to diversify your revenue stream, here are 5 ways to get paid to speak (even when you're not speaking):

1. Add a "Work With Me" button to your web site.

Tell people exactly how they can pay you to access your products, programs or services. Invite them to contact you to learn more. Offer free consultations to dive deeper into their questions and explain how your solution can meet their needs.

2. Create an e-book version of your talk, complete with worksheets, checklists spreadsheets, and other value-added tools.

At the touch of a button, your clients can find exactly what they need from the person they trust. :YOU! And what's easier than downloading an e-book?

3. Follow up your talk with specialized audience training.

For instance, if you offer a keynote address for an organization (which tends to be more general), you could follow-up with a 3-part workshop series that drills down deeper into a specialized topic or skill set. Consider your audience and what would be of greatest value to them.

4. Create an online course based on your signature story.

Learning new skills through online courses is something many people have become more comfortable with due to the recent surge in virtual learning. Take advantage of the opportunity to present your material live or capture your courses as downloadable resources. Both approaches are effective and both will appeal to different types of audiences.

6. Offer paid coaching or consulting.

Finally, give your clients a chance to get one-on-one support from you. If you don't have the time to work with clients one at at a time, consider group coaching. Either way, you'll become the expert on your topic, and your story will be making an impact.

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