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How to Move Your Story from Good to Great with CBC Ottawa's Sonja Koenig

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

In Episode 103 of the Power Your Platform Podcast, I'm speaking with CBC news editor and presenter Sonja Koenig who has made a career of storytelling. In today’s episode, Sonja and I talk about what distinguishes a good story from a GREAT story, and how YOU can be more effective when it comes to sharing your own story with the media. She also shares “the story that got away” and points us in the direction of the hidden opportunities that exist to share YOUR story on a local, national or even a global stage. There were so many knowledge nuggets buried inside today’s episode, I was taking furious notes throughout the entire conversation. And I hope you do too!
Here are my Top 10 takeaways from today’s interview with the CBC’s Sonja Koenig: 1. Let your curiosity lead the way. 2. Explore new territory, even when it takes you outside your comfort zone. 3. Move your audience from thinking about your topic to feeling something about your topic. 4. Own your story and tell it in a way that’s authentic to you. 5. Build a rapport with individual journalists and help them out when you can. 6. Study the media landscape and find the right home for your story. 7. Tailor your message for the media outlet you’re approaching; one size does not fit all when it comes to media outreach. 8. Look for the hidden media opportunities to get your story out, including becoming an expert commentator. 9. The more we practice storytelling, the better we’ll get. 10. If you have a compelling story, people will listen. Thank so much for listening in to today’s podcast episode! If you’re looking for support when it comes to building a media strategy for your brand or business, be sure to reach out to me. Together, we can get your story noticed!
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