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Story Diamonds vs. Story Duds: How to Tell the Difference

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

In Episode 109 of the Power Your Platform Podcast, we’re exploring the idea of story diamonds and how finding yours can help transform your connection with your audience.

In particular, I'm sharing the 4Cs that can help you distinguish your story diamonds from your story duds. I’ll also discuss why knowing the difference between the two can help you become a more effective brand builder.

Gemologists say a jewel’s true value comes down to four factors: the cut, the colour, the clarity and the carat. Otherwise known as the 4 Cs.

So what does this have to do with storytelling?

The fact is that a big part of being an effective storyteller is knowing how to spot a story diamond. After all, we’re surrounded by stories, aren’t we? They’re everywhere! There are stories in our email inbox, stories in the magazines we read, stories on the podcasts we listen to, and stories all over social media.

But not every story has the power to make a profound impact.

Most stories hold little if any value for us and we scroll right past or delete them from our inbox.

But once in a while, we come across a priceless story that catches the light and holds our attention. It may even change our life. And THAT is the very definition of a story diamond: an idea that makes us stop, take notice and say “Wow, THAT is priceless!”

A story diamond has four common elements that I share in the podcast:

1. Clarity – Keep your story clear and focused

2. Cut – Edit out any unnecessary details or detours

3. Colour – Add fun and enthusiasm!

4. Carat – Add some “weight” in the form of a key takeaway.

When we put all four of those elements together, you can be sure your story is going to SHINE!

If you’re looking for support to dust off your own brand or business stories and determine which are the story diamonds and which are the story duds, then be sure to reach out to me today.

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