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How to Boost Your Visual Storytelling

In this week's Power Your Platform Podcast episode, I’m interviewing Diana Renelli, a Toronto-based branding photographer who works with women to help them build a strong visual identity.

The truth is that being visible is vital to the success of our brand or business. And today, we’re going to address some of the objections we have as women to getting our photograph taken.

PLUS Diana shares some great tips for making the most of your next photography session, along with some reminders about how visual storytelling can enhance your overall brand strategy. In this interview, we go behind the lens to learn more about visual storytelling.

Here are my Top 10 Takeaways from today’s podcast episode:

1. We are the face of our brand or business, so we need to be brave and put our best face forward.

2. We’re all photogenic – we just need the right person to help us shine on camera.

3. Be clear on your overall brand strategy and know where you will be using your photos.

4. Be confident in knowing what you want to communicate to your audience before you book a photo session.

5. Images work in tandem with words in our story: so we need both to build a truly powerful brand.

6. Visualizing your audience while being photographed can help you create a more authentic connection through your visual images.

7. Create a Pinterest board to show a photographer the feel and look you’re after in your photo session.

8. Having a variety of professional brand photos on-hand is a smart way to prepare for future opportunities.

9. Vulnerability is a part of sharing our visual story – but don’t let it stop you from adding branded visuals to your story.

10. Remember, it’s not about looking "pretty" in your photos – it’s about intentionally communicating your brand’s key messages.

Thank so much for listening in to today’s podcast episode! If you’re looking for support when it comes to building an overall brand strategy for your business, be sure to reach out to me by clicking here.

Together, we can get your story noticed!

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