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Boost Your Brand with the AAA Story Approach

In Episode 119 of the Power Your Platform Podcast, we’re exploring the 3 story types that can help boost your branding and get you noticed: anecdotes, analogies and activator stories.

If you’ve been struggling to come up with new content lately for your blog, your newsletter, your social media or even your podcast, then this episode is for you. I hope it will help get your creative juices flowing.

The first story type is the Anecdote.

An anecdote is a simple, short story about an actual person or event. And the purpose of an anecdote is to create deeper audience connection.

The important thing to remember when using anecdotes in your story branding is that they shouldn’t be random. They should tie in with one of your main storytelling pillars which I’ve talked about several times before in this podcast, but in episode #14 in particular.

Follow the KISS (Keep It Simple Sister) approach when sharing anecdotes. Avoid long, meandering tales where people are guaranteed to lose interest, get bored and eventually tune you out completely. Instead, keep your story on track and to the point.

The second story type we can develop as a part of our story branding is the Analogy.

The purpose of an analogy is to create clarity around your main message. Analogies are all about comparing two things that are alike so a more abstract concept becomes clear for your audience.

Choose analogies using concepts or objects that are familiar to your audience and use them to link to more complex concepts you may be talking about in your brand storytelling.

The third and final story type I want to talk about today is the Activator Story.

An activator story is designed to motivate your audience to action. An activator story clearly demonstrates what can happen when a) you take action or b) you fail to take action. One approach is meant to inspire while the other is mean to serve as a cautionary tale. And both can be effective.

If you’re looking to support to build out any of the story types we’ve discussed today, then be sure to reach out to me today! Together, we can get your story into motion and help create the type of results you’ve been looking for.

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