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Sharing Hockey Mom Stories with Bestselling Author Theresa Bailey

If you’re a sports fan who has ever cheered on your kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews from the sidelines, then Episode 122 of the Power Your Platform Podcast is for you. My guest on the podcast today is Theresa Bailey, co-author of the best-selling book “Hockey Moms: The Heart of the Game”.

After being released earlier this year by Harper Collins, the book became an instant bestseller, finding its way to the top of the book charts and into the hands of hockey fans everywhere.

In today’s interview, Theresa and I talk about creating social conversations around topics that matter to women, especially when those topics have been traditionally dominated by a single voice. We also talk about what it takes to become a bestselling author and the key to collaborating with a new partner.

Here are my Top 10 Takeaways from today’s interview with Theresa:

1. Where you start and where you end up may change – but starting is the important thing.

2. Ask yourself which stories are being overlooked. Chances are, you’re exactly the right person to pick up a pen and starting writing that story.

3. Create communities of conversation around topics you’re passionate about and that need to be a part of the social dialogue.

4. Consider using a main platform – like a blog, a podcast, or a YouTube channel – to help you share your stories and start the conversation.

5. Take a close look at the role of women in the communities you’re a part of. What are the power dynamics at play and what impact do they have on gender equity?

6. Stories are a powerful tool to open up new ways of viewing the world for all of us, especially when it comes to equity, diversity and inclusion.

7. Collaboration is a great way to help you amplify your message and push a project to the finish line when you’re out of steam.

8. When working with a partner or collaborator, create clear roles and have the tough conversations up front, especially when it comes to money.

9. LinkedIn is a great place to find collaborators and like-minded individuals.

10.Today’s power move is to consider the communities you’re a part of, and determine how you could curate and share stories from that group to make a lasting impact.

Click here to listen to the full episode now.

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