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Rewriting Our Money Stories

In Episode 126 of the Power Your Platform Podcast, we're digging into our money stories, where they come from, the impact they have on our lives and business and what it takes to rewrite them.

My guest on the show today is Hadriana Leo, a wealth strategist who helps women build financial confidence and grow their net worth.

Hadriana is the founder of Money Navigator International and in today’s episode, she shares with us the story that led to the launching of her business.

PLUS we’ll also talk about Hadriana’s new book which is written specifically for women, and we’ll find out the power move you can make TODAY to help you rewrite your own money story.

Here are my Top 10 takeaways from today’s conversation with Hadriana:

1. Our money story starts early in life, often stemming from our own family’s relationship with wealth.

2. We can rewrite our money story anytime. We just have to be willing to do the hard work.

3. Consider whether you’re a Marathoner or a Sprinter when it comes to money goal setting, and then determine the impact that approach has had on your life or business.

4. Our self-worth is not the same as our net worth, and we need to be intentional about separating the two.

5. Money affirmations can be a helpful part of our wealth strategy, but they are limited until we acknowledge our deep-rooted money stories.

6. As business owners, we need to release any emotional attachment the outcome of our business.

7. Experiment regularly and gather data about what works and what doesn’t so you can apply your learning to your strategic business approach.

8. Bring your whole self to your business, including your money story.
9. Never be too afraid or too ashamed to examine your money story closely. Only then will you have the power to change it.

10. Today’s power move is to be proactive and as for help before you need it. Anticipate the good or bad that could come your way and prepare for ahead of time.

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