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The Art of Story Stacking: 6 Story Bricks for Building a Powerful Brand

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

If you’ve ever struggled with how to start building your brand using storytelling, then you’re in the right place!

Because in Episode #14 of the Power Your Platform Podcast, I discuss the 6 story bricks you need to begin building a powerful story brand.

Here are the 6 Story Bricks I want to share with you today:

1. Your Purpose Story

2. Your People Story

3. Your Promise Story

4. Your Platform Story

5. Your Promotion Story

6. Your Posse Story

The purpose of the 6 Story Bricks is to use storytelling to build a strong brand, whether personal or professional.

Let's dig into each Story Brick a bit deeper:

What's your Purpose Story?

This is your WHY or your origin story. What is the purpose behind your business? You can share this in a number of places like your web site, your social media, podcast interviews or just about anyplace that people are willing to listen.

What's your People Story?

Your people story should paint a picture not only of the audience you want to serve, but should reveal portraits of people you have already served. This provides social proof and it continues to build on your people story.

What's your Promise Story?

Your brand promise is the clear value statement you provide to your client or customer that tells them which problem you are going to solve for them and how.

What’s your Platform Story?

Your Platform Story tells people where they can find you, what great value they’ll find there, and how they can help you share your platform with others who may be interested.

What's your Promotion Story?

Your Promotion Story is the story you’re constantly telling through your visibility tools (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) that shares who you are and what you're about an encourages others to share your story with their own network.

What's Your Posse Story?

Your Posse Story is all about reminding your community what you have in common, how you can serve them and why they are the most important people in the world. And in turn, they will most likely become your greatest brand ambassadors.

Once you stack these story bricks one on top of another, you’re going to have a colourful and vibrant story brand that stands out and interlocks beautifully with your purpose and does an amazing job of serving your core audience.

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