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Story Weaving: 7 Unexpected Places to Share Your Brand Stories

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Have you ever wondered WHERE you should be sharing your signature stories?

In Episode #16 of the Power Your Platform Podcast, I share the creative art of weaving your personal and professional stories throughout your marketing materials.

Here are 7 tools that are often underestimated marketing touchpoints:

Your Email Signature

This often overlooked piece of digital real estate is actually gold because it’s seen by virtually everyone who receives emails from you

Your Voice Mail Message

This is a simple, but highly effective way to remain relevant and timely when connecting with your customers.

Your Social Media Bios

These are prime digital real estate since they're often located at the top of your page and tell people what you're all about.

The About Me Section of Your Web Site

Talk to your audience in the first person and include a photo that looks 'em right in the eye. Consider it your digital handshake with visitors to your web site.

Your Customer Invoices

Remember, it’s five times more expensive to attract a new customer than to nurture an existing one.

Your Customer Surveys

These are a great way to engage your customers with your brand story, and get valuable feedback while also weaving in your story messages throughout free survey platforms like Survey Monkey.

Your Customer Receipts

Think about every receipt you hand out or email to your customer as an opportunity to build your relationship further.

Can you think of any other underused marketing opportunities for sharing your brand story? Let me know!

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