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Sharing Hard Stories: An Interview with Ashley Clark, MRKH Foundation

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

I recently had the privilege of interviewing a young woman on Episode 21 of the Power Your Platform Podcast who was given a story she didn’t ask for at the age of 16 – but since then, she discovered it’s a story worth sharing.

Ashley Clark is the founder of the Canadian MRKH Foundation which supports women with a medical condition known as MRKH Syndrome. MRKH affects 1 in 5000 women, and is a congenital disorder that affects the female reproductive system.

The result is that women like Ashley are essentially born without a womb.

Ashley learned she had the condition when she was a teenager and understandably, it rocked her world. Today, she’s in her 20s and a passionate advocate and organizer of MRKH conferences and fundraising events in support of ongoing MRKH education and community building.

During our conversation, Ashley and I talked about what it takes to get comfortable talking about uncomfortable topics. We also discuss the power of community and how to share a story society tells us is taboo.

For a list of my Top 10 Takeaways from this interview, be sure to join our free Power Your Platform Facebook group!

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