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Getting Clarity with the 4M Focus Finders

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

One of the biggest struggles I find women face when building a brand is getting really clear on who serve, the problem they solve and how.

So today I'm going to introduce you to what I call my 4M Focus Finder Solution from Episode 22 of the Power Your Platform Podcast.

Let’s take a look at each of these focus finders one at a time, to help us get more clarity in our business and help us stay focused on what’s really important.

Your Mission Statement

Without a mission, you’re really just wandering aimlessly, am I right? If we’re business today, we really need to get crystal clear on what the purpose is behind our messaging and the business we’re building around it. Your mission statement is a short phrase or sentence that tells the world what your brand purpose is and how you achieve that purpose.

To create your mission statement, use a simple, fill-in-the-blank approach. First insert your business name followed by what you do and the reason you do it. For instance “At PowerHER Platform, we amplify the voices of women leaders, speakers and entrepreneurs because the world needs to hear more women’s stories.”

Your Manifesto

Fun fact: manifestos were once considered the rallying cry of rebels and uprisers. Today, they’re a great tool to capture your core values and the essence of your brand. In a way, they’re still a rallying cry – only this time, you’re letting the world know what you’re all about.

A manifesto is often a collection of “I believe” statements which clearly articulate to the reader or listener what’s at the heart of that person or company’s motivation and their intentions or point of view.

I challenge you today to start by identifying 3-5 values that are at the heart of your own life and your business if you have one.

After that, I encourage you to come up with 8-10 “I believe” statements that tell the world what you stand for. I promise it will be as much an eye-opener for you as it will for your audience.

Your Motto

A motto is sometimes also called a slogan or tagline and it helps position your brand in the mind of your core customer. Our motto is “The world is waiting to hear your story.” It helps us focus by bringing us back to our core purpose. When creating your own motto, remember that the best ones are 3-8 words long. Make your motto clear and memorable. Just have fun with it and keep it simple.

Your Mantra

While your motto is your external message, your mantra is internal. This is the core phrase you repeat to yourself (sometimes many times a day) to keep you focused on your main mission and your core customer. While a motto is an external motivating statement urging customers to take action, a mantra is an internal motivating statement meant to help keep you focused on your core customer and true purpose.

One mantra I’ve used inside my own business is “Courage brings change”. It’s a simple but powerful reminder to myself that even when I’m trying something new, there can be no change without courage.

Whatever your mantra is, keep it short so you can remember it and repeat it as many times as you need to throughout your day. Your mantra could even be a single word that brings you back to your quiet centre when you get off-track, and helps you refocus on what really matters inside your business.

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