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Managing Your Negative Story Emotions with Julie Christiansen

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

My guest on Episode 38 of the Power Your Platform podcast is Julie Christiansen, an award-winning public speaker, author and psychotherapist. Julie is known for developing the Anger Solutions method and has authored several books about anger, stress, bullying and coping with crisis.

Julie’s lifelong mission has been to leverage people and organizations into open communication so they can live free of conflict, tension, anger and fear.

In today’s interview, Julie and I talk about anger management, how to build and validate a brand, as well as how we can counteract the negative stories we tell ourselves.

If you want to learn more about Julie and her company, please see the links below.

Here are my Top 10 Takeaways from today’s interview:

1. Validation is key when you’re launching a new business idea. Make sure to kitchen test it at every opportunity like Julie did.

2. Don’t be afraid to launch an imperfect product into the market; because the market will perfect the product.

3. Look for new ways to scale your work over time. The train-the-trainer model is a great way to build your business and create a long-lasting ripple effect.

4. Our personal stories feed directly into the work we do and they help build the credibility we have with our audience.

5. Anger manifests itself differently in men and women, but we all feel angry at times. And that’s OK.

6. Communication skills are front and centre when it comes to anger management.

7. There is a direct link between grief and anger and we need to acknowledge it.

8. Freedom has many definitions, but it’s a part of how we live and what we aspire to.

9. Client transformation is the ultimate achievement in business.

10. Start small and don’t be afraid to grow at your own pace.

To learn more about Julie and her services, click here.

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