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Is a YouTube Channel Your Ideal Purpose-Driven Platform?

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Welcome to the third and final episode of our Pick Your Platform Series!

So far, we’ve taken a look at podcasts and blogs as platform options and today we’re diving into YouTube and learning what makes it such a powerful place to build your brand or business.

So what’s so great about YouTube?

Well, first of all, like the other two platforms we’ve discussed so far, YouTube is free, it’s public, it supports long-form content, has a long shelf life AND it’s shareable. So those are 5 great reasons to consider YouTube.

I also love the freedom that YouTube gives us to upload videos of any length and style. Now, keep in mind that the optimum length of a YouTube video is actually about 10 minutes – but even if that sounds short, remember there can be quite a bit of work involved if you’re doing a lot of video editing. But really, that part’s totally up to you.

Of course, the big advantage of YouTube is that you’re able to include video storytelling as a part of your platform. And depending on your audience, video can be a very powerful way to communicate your key message and establish a strong rapport with your viewers.

Remember, as we build our brand, it’s really important for our audience to get to know us, like us and trust us. And that can be done in a number of ways, but probably the BEST way is to show up consistently and offer quality content that adds value to the lives of your audience.

Keep in mind that when you broadcast to YouTube, there are a few distinct advantages that video has over audio or the written word:

1. Video storytelling creates memorable messages.

When we SEE a message as well as HEARING it, we tend to retain the message longer. Fact: with text and audio, your audience will remember only 10% of what you said 72 hours later. And that applies to this podcast as well. On the other hand, with video – which stimulates both our auditory and visual senses, an audience will retain up to 68% of the information you share.

2. Video storytelling is that it can help make complex subjects easier to understand.

So if you’re explaining something that requires diagrams or images or a demonstration of some kind, then a YouTube channel might be a good fit for you.

3. Video storytelling can capture and hold your audience’s attention often a lot more easily than a blog or a podcast.

Because let’s face it: there is a LOT competing for our attention these days. And when you take into account that video storytelling allows you to incorporate music and sound effects, graphics, setting and even wardrobe and props – well, it’s a pretty compelling argument that YouTube is a compelling platform that grabs audience attention.

There are some downsides of YouTube, of course.

First, you have to be comfortable with being on camera. You also have to learn some video editing skills and be able to cut through the clutter since there are a LOT of YouTubers out there.

But remember, you don’t need a million followers to have a viable business! Stick to it and show up consistently with quality content that helps solve your audience’s key pain points, and eventually you’ll grow to a point where you are thriving in the online space and creating a business with impact.

Want to discuss how to launch and grow your own purpose-driven platform? Click here to connect with me today!

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