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Your Questions Answered: Audience Q&A Podcast Episode

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

In today’s Q&A podcast episode, I’m answering three audience questions relating to everything from how to decide what to sell to maximizing your time and starting a sidehustle while working full-time.

Click here to listen to the full episode now.

Question 1: “I find streamlining the main goal of my business to be a difficult process. What I want to do isn’t what is in demand of my time and services. How do I make this transition?” ~ Asked by Kathy

Success in business comes when we match what we love to do and what we’re really good at with someone who really needs that product or service AND is willing to pay for it.

Have you heard of the Japanese concept of Ikigai (“reason for being”)? This concept is comprised of four parts: What You Love, What You’re Good At, What the World Needs and What You Can Be Paid For.

According to the Ikigai model, when what you love intersects with what you’re good at and what the world needs and what you can be paid for, there’s a true “reason for being”. In this case, a reason for being in business.

Here are the 5 steps I would follow to find your Ikigai:

1. Decide what you love to do.

2. Double-check that you have the skills to do it.

3. Identify the solution you’re providing and the problem you’re solving.

4. Be clear about who your product or service is for.

5. Determine a fair price point and make your paid offer.

Question #2: “I feel like I can do more, be more effective and build a strategy. I want to do more, I’m just not sure where to start. I'm so busy but I have so many ideas.” ~ Asked by Peggy

Like Peggy, I think a lot of us feel like we could always be doing “more”? The thing to remember is that we don’t necessarily have to spend our time and energy on MORE things. We need to focus on the RIGHT things.

And this is especially true when it comes to marketing.

My recommendation is to clearly identify your ideal audience and focus on the key marketing tools that will move the dial for them specifically. In other words, it’s not about reaching everyone – it’s about reaching the right one.

And once you know your ideal client really well, it makes decisions a lot easier when it comes to which marketing tools to use and how often and even what the content should look like.

P.S. Listen in to Episode 29 for a full episode on How to Repurpose Your Platform and Maximize Your Time.

Question #3: “I have the entrepreneurial itch. But having two small kids makes it difficult for me to even get my regular paying job done. How do you fill your soul and create the content you want to make on the side when you have a full-time job, two kids and a career to manage?” ~ Asked by Steph

Timing is everything. Life happens in seasons, and the busy, hands-on mom stage can be overwhelming at the best of times.

Here are 3 ways to build your business even if you’re in a busy stage of life.

1. Learn continuously, whether that’s through books, articles, podcasts or other resources.

2. Hone your skills as they relate to the business you want to launch.

3. Build your network and be engaged with those who are a part for it.

Thanks for the questions, everyone!

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