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No Fooling! It's Time to Create Your Paid Offer

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

In the most recent episode of the Power Your Platform Podcast, I talk about how you can make some smart moves when it comes to creating your paid products or services for your ideal audience.

Because many of us end up playing the fool when we ignore the simple 4-step process it takes to get us on the right track, rather feeling like we just got pranked and wasted a lot of time and money.

The first step is to build your audience BEFORE you’re ready to launch your paid offer.

This is vital. The worst position to put yourself in is to launch a paid offer to an empty room, because you haven’t taken the time to build an interested audience.

Think of it is like digging a well before you’re thirsty. Because when you’re in desperate need of a drink of water, you want to make sure that well has already been dug and it’s full of delicious, fresh water – rather than being faced with the arduous task of picking up a shovel and starting to dig when you’re already dry and parched.

In building your audience, I would suggest starting a conversation around these key pain points and offering free support to move your ideal audience into the right frame of mind. Because once someone recognizes they have a need and they’re in the right mindset, they’re much more likely to hit that purchase button.

The second step is to pay attention to what your audience is saying.

This is why it’s so vital to have an audience. A smart move would be to create a product or a service that directly addresses your audience’s situation and even uses the words and phrases that THEY’VE shared with you through your social media engagement.

And remember, your audience won’t offer you feedback unless you ask for it. So ask for their input often.

The third step is to focus your time and energy on the things your audience is asking for.

Based on the feedback I’ve gathered from my core customers over time, I’ve focused my efforts – at least for now – one my one-on-one coaching services. And that paid offer is going really well. In addition to my coaching services, I’ve also offered mini-classes and masterclasses on various topics. But each time, the paid product is in response to my audience’s needs.

The fourth and final step in the process then is to continuously monitor customer satisfaction and tweak your paid offer over time.

Deciding on an initial paid offer and putting it out there is only the beginning.

Chances are, you’ll continue to refine your paid products and services over time. One reason for this is that your audience is always evolving, and it’s important to keep pace with how they’re changing whenever you can.

When you follow this 4-step process, you’ll find that you’re making smart moves and no longer fooling around. Because you mean business and it’s time the world knows it too.

To listen in to the full episode now, click here.

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