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Client Story: The Healing Power of Poetry with Amber Topp

My guest on episode 128 of the Power Your Platform Podcast is Amber Topp, a currently serving member of the Canadian Armed Forces and a military spouse of nearly 20 years. A writer at heart, Amber has used poetry over the years to help heal painful experiences from her past, including gender-based violence and military sexual trauma.

In today’s episode, Amber and I talk about how she became a story coaching client and the type of work we did together over a period of time. She also shares how she rediscovered a childhood passion for poetry and turned her trauma into a published book that’s making a difference.

Here are my Top 10 Takeaways from today’s podcast interview:

1. Self-expression can be a powerful part of our healing journey, no matter what we’ve been through.

2. We are not alone in the world – so when we share our story, others feel seen and heard too.

3. A story about us can quickly become a story about everyone when we share it with others.

4. Ask yourself what forms of self-expression came most naturally to you as a child. Then consider how you could use those same forms of self-expression to express your story today.

5. We all have a voice, but sometimes its buried deep beneath our past experiences. Dare to dig it up and use it again.

6. Knowing our “why” can help us get clear on the purpose behind the work we do.

7. If you’re struggling to get clear on the message you want to share with the world, then consider reaching out to a Story Coach.

8. Start small. It’s OK not to see the whole picture when you’re first starting out.

9. Owning our story is one of the most powerful decisions we can make when it comes to taking back our life and owning our message.

10. Today’s power move is to set aside a few minutes today to reflect on your own story. Then take the time to capture what you feel, see and hear in your own unique style.

I hope you enjoyed listening in to today’s interview with poet and author Amber Topp. And if story coaching is something that interests you, then be sure to reach out to me today.

Let’s get your story started today!

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