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Get a Grip: 4 Proven Ways to Get Better Story Traction

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

How can you create a story brand that grips your audience’s attention and HOLDS it long enough for them to understand your message and take action?

Traction is what happens when you get a good grip on something and you’re able to hold onto it securely.

And when it comes to messaging, traction is one of the biggest challenges companies face since there are so many competing messages in the marketplace today.

In Episode 8 of the Power Your Platform Podcast, we’ explore 4 simple ways to get more story traction.

1. Know Your Audience.

Creating a specific customer persona is the first step to ensuring that message traction takes place – because it forces you to go deep when it comes to getting to know your core audience.

2. Optimize Your Language.

This step is all about using language that resonates with your core audience. Once you get to know your audience as outlined in Step #1, you should have a better idea of the words and phrases that will attract your core customer as well as the words and phrases that will repel them.

3. Start a Conversation.

If we’re looking to get traction with our audience, we need to start a conversation. It actually improves our chances that people will not only take notice of our message, but respond. We call that audience engagement and it plays a huge role in message traction.

4. Create a Community.

After all, when one person is communicating a message, it takes a lot longer to get the word out than when an entire community is sharing that same message.

But remember, you can’t just start with community. You need to start with Step #1 which is knowing your audience. Once you do, you can begin speaking the language your audience connects with. That leads to Step 3 which is starting conversations. And once you have regular engagement with your core customers, you’re ready to start building a community.

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