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Grab your FREE Power Pack!

Hey, Story Sister! Did you know you have access right now to 3 powerful, free resources that are specifically designed to support you along your story journey?

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably always looking for brand-boosting resources that can help you move your idea or existing business to the next level.

So let me ask you this: have you grabbed your Free Story Power Pack yet? If not, click here now.

The first free power pack is designed specifically for Story Starters.

The second was created to serve Story Builders.

And the third is tailor-made just for Story Pros.

But here’s the thing: I want to make sure you’re getting the RIGHT power pack that fits with YOUR current storytelling stage. Does that sound fair?

To learn which story stage you're at, take our 60-second free Storytelling Quiz.

Once you find out your storytelling stage, you'll be given the option to download the free resource that’s matched to your storytelling stage, whether you’re looking to own your story, share your story or sell your story.

So let’s take a sneak peek inside each of the three power packs so you can get a better idea of the value you’re gonna find inside.

Story Starters Power Pack

The purpose of the Story Starters Power Pack is to help women speakers, leaders and entrepreneurs like YOU begin building clarity and confidence. Inside the Story Starter Power Pack is a guide to the 3 most common story blockers, tips on creating a Clear Story Path, a Story Path Worksheet PLUS a list of useful resources for Story Starters, including books and podcast titles.

Story Builders Power Pack

The purpose behind the Story Builder Power Pack is to help you create vision and visibility. Our 8-page free Story Builders Power Pack includes a guide to the 3 types of brand stories, some firsthand tips on organizing your story closet AND a 6-step system to building brand visibility.

But that’s not all. We’ve also included a fill-in-the-blank worksheet to begin building your brand vision as well as a list of some of my personal favourite TED Talks by visionary women. Cool, right?

Story Pros Power Pack

The purpose of the Story Pros Power Pack is to serve those who are focused on income and innovation.

And if you’re at the point that you’re ready to begin monetizing your message, then reach out and let’s talk further. I’d love to support you on your story journey.

The Story Pros Power Pack includes a chart to help you determine the difference between serving and selling. It also offers tips on how to overcome the most common sales blockers and a handy reference sheet on the 3 areas to think about when diversifying your income for long-term success. It also includes a strategic diagram showing how to distinguish what you do for FREE from what you do for FEE. Helpful, right?

And finally, this power pack includes 10 revenue stream ideas for creating more diversified income. Talk about value inside a freebie, right?

To get your free Power Pack now, click on the quiz button on our page. It's time to power up!

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