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8 Reasons Why It Pays off to Find Your Speaking Niche

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Becoming an expert in your field starts with getting specific about your focus.

If you're struggling with with the idea of narrowing down your speaking niche, here are eight great reasons to make it your top priority:

1. Your niche business can establish you as an expert among your core customers.

2. Your core customers become a loyal following as you become the go-to problem solver for a highly specific need.

3. Loyal customers will often pay a premium price to someone who helps solve a particular problem in their lives.

4. Your marketing costs can decrease as your loyal customers spread the word about your business on your behalf.

5. You’re able to focus on your main priorities, rather than being distracted by every

good idea that comes your way.

6. Your competition is drastically reduced as you become laser-focused on your

particular market segment.

7. For seasoned business owners, creating a niche can lead to new, untapped

revenue streams.

8. You can streamline your systems and processes, creating more efficient ways of

doing business (and allowing you to take some time off as a result!).

Pro Tip:

Be passionate about a lot of things in life, but when it comes to finding your speaking niche, focus with laser precision on the core audience you aim to serve.

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