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How to Repurpose Your Platform and Maximize Your Time

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Today we’re talking about the ways you can repurpose your platform by squeezing all the goodness out of each segment so you’re able to add delicious flavour to everything that you do.

So for today, I want you of your platform as an orange. And as you do, remember in Episode 12, we talked about the 3 platforms I would suggest choosing from when you’re building your brand. Because what you’re looking for in a platform is that it’s free, shareable, public, has a long shelf life and permits long-form content.

So really there are only three platforms that allow us to do all five of those things as creators and business owners. Those platforms are podcasts, blogs and YouTube channels.

And if you want to figure out which of the three is the best fit for you, then circle back to Episode 12 and you can find out for yourself.

Once you’ve decided on which platform will be your focus, that platform becomes the source of all the content you need for your visibility tools which include things like your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat or whichever visibility tool you like to use.

Remember there’s a difference between your main platform where you spend 80% of your work time, and your visibility tools whose job is to point your audience in the direction of your free or paid offer.

So the cool thing about podcasts, blogs and YouTube channels is that they’re already neatly divided into segments. Just like the orange I’m holding. For podcasts and YouTube channels those segments are called episodes and for blogs those segments care called posts. And of course, the number of segments is completely dependent on the creator.

What’s really useful about thinking about your platform in segments is that it provides multiple opportunities per episode or post to repurpose the content for your visibility tools. A lot of my clients struggle with getting stuck on where to find great, new content to share across their social media. And this idea of repurposing the segments of your core platform is actually the solution to that problem.

And here’s why: a single segment of your platform can be broken down multiple ways to provide interesting content for your audience to chew on. And it all leads back to your main platform.

A few of the ways you can repurpose your main platform content includes: quotes, social graphics, polls, lists, tips, blog posts and guest profiles. And remember, if you’re using Zoom, you can repurpose the audio AND the video content on two separate platforms if you want to.

The beauty of repurposing is that you’re taking the same original content that you produce one time, and you’re using it over and over for maximum reach and effect. And the way you do that is by finding the little bits and pieces you can peel away from your main segment and scattering those throughout your social media content to get the most out of your time and streamline your day.

And remember, every piece of content shared through my visibility tools pointed back to my podcast. Because that’s where I want people to spend their time and learn more about my free and paid services.

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