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It's Time to Own Story: How to Get Started

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

So this is it: the launch of my new podcast!

Because let’s be honest: there has never been a more important time for women’s voices to be heard.

And not just any voice. YOUR VOICE.

Because you’ve got a story the world needs to hear.

But if you’re not stepping into all you were made to be and serving the people you’re meant to serve, there’s a huge gaping hole in the universe - -and coincidentally, that gaping hole is just your size. It’s the space that you’re meant to fill with the story you’re meant to tell and no one else can do it except you.

Deep down inside, I think you know I’m right. My gut tells me that you have a story that needs to be shared. Even without meeting you, I know you’ve had experiences that have made you who you are today, and that you’ve learned a ton of lessons along the way that could save other people time, money, struggle, heartache and energy.

All you need is someone to show you the ropes. And that’s where my new podcast comes in.

For the past 20 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of women entrepreneurs, speakers and students from around the globe -- and I’ve gotten really familiar with some of the common roadblocks that keep us from making bold moves and owning our story.

When it comes to stepping out from behind-the-scenes and onto centerstage, many of us face a giant list of common fears and struggles. And those struggles can stand in the way of our success.

I’m a big believer that if you can see, you can be it. That’s why the Power Your Platform podcast series is designed to showcase the stories of women like you -- who had an idea of how their story could make an impact.

And guess what? They faced exactly the same human fears that we all face. The difference? They took action. And that action led to momentum, and today, they are changemakers.

Listen. We may have never met. But I think I know you. Because I am you. Or at least, I think a lot like you. Because we both share a human brain and those brains are designed to protect us against all odds. They’re meant to shield us from the unknown and hold us back from uncertain situations.

But if you’re equipped with the right tools and strategies to help you uncover and tell your story, there’s nothing stopping you from building your purpose-driven platform and becoming an unstoppable force for good in the world.

In this podcast series, we’ll talk to women who have overcome ordinary and extraordinary obstacles. We’ll walk together through the process of discovering your unique story path and identify the key elements that will help you connect with the audience you were born to serve.

Because when you start to share the common parts of your human experience, there’s always someone in the room who can relate. And when we relate to each other, we learn from each other. And when we learn from each other, we get better. We learn shortcuts that help us navigate our way through life.

And here’s the exciting news: are you ready for it? People are willing to pay for those shortcuts. And that’s the third part of this podcast series. Building a business around a purpose-driven platform is a reality right now for hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. So why not you? Don’t worry, we’ll get into all the mind drama around the money struggle too including how to price your services – you won’t want to miss that either!

Whether you're a Story Starter, A Story Builder or a Story Pro, this podcast is for you!

Wondering which one you are? Take our FREE 60-second storytelling quiz and find out today! PLUS when you do, you'll have access to valuable free resources that help you get started on your story journey.

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