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LIVE Masterclass Excerpt: Building Your Story Funnel

In Episode 129 of the Power Your Platform Podcast, you’re in for something special. A few weeks ago, I hosted a 2-hour Masterclass on the topic of Building Your Story Funnel. Some of you who are listening right now were at that Masterclass and it was so great to have you there and participating and making that morning such a memorable experience.

So today, I want to share with you a few clips of that Masterclass. I have to mention though that what’s missing from this episode is the amazing interaction and questions and answers from the audience, along with the story sharing and networking that took place. But that’s why the live Masterclasses is a part of my paid program and not offered for free.

Still I promise there’s a ton of value you’re going to receive by listening to some of the highlights of this Masterclass.

So tune in and enjoy as we go live to the Build Your Story Funnel Masterclass!

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