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Mother's Day Podcast Takeover

This week, in honour of Mother’s Day, I’m turning over the interviewing reigns to my daughter, Logan.

As you’ll hear in Episode 136 of the Power Your Platform Podcast, this interview was completely unrehearsed, and I hope you’ll enjoy being a fly on the wall as I answer my daughter’s questions on everything from the first story I ever told to the latest plot twist in my own story.

There are a lot of fun -- and surprising -- moments in this episode, so be sure to stay tuned right to the very end. And I have to say that as a mom, it’s a full circle moment to have your daughter interview you on a podcast like one. So I just have to say that I am genuinely proud of Logan for stepping up to the microphone – not just today, but in her regular life as well.

As moms, we’re always encouraging our kids to step outside their comfort zone, aren't we?

But as you’ll hear in this episode, it’s up to us as parents to ensure we don’t leave behind our own sense of adventure.

I hope you'll enjoy today's Mother’s Day Podcast Takeover!

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