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Rebel Cry: 3 Questions to Ask to Help Bring Your Purpose into Focus

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

In Episode 6 of the Power Your Platform Podcast, I introduce the StoryPATH Framework which I created to help my clients clarify what they speak about, who they speak to and why.

For nearly 20 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of women just like you to build their story brands and propel them onto their purpose-driven platform.

To do this takes a plan, and fortunately for you, I’ve got a great place for you to start today.

The StoryPATH Framework consists of four key elements: purpose, action, traction and habit which of course spells... PATH!

In Episode 4 of the podcast, I focus the first part of the Story PATH which is purpose.

Now a lot has already been said and written and recorded about finding your purpose. I get that. But this episode isn’t about finding your purpose, it’s about

following it.

Because purpose – and just not passion – is what we need to follow if we are going to make an impact on this world with our gifts, knowledge and expertise.

Waking up in the morning and knowing WHY we’re doing something will compel us to do it, even when we feel discouraged and completely unmotivated. Trust me, I’ve faced a lot of mornings like that in my own life.

Without knowing why we’re doing something, procrastination can easily set in. But when we know our purpose and who is waiting for us to take action, then we’re able to set aside the distractions and prioritize what really matters.

One of the best ways I’ve found to crystalize what your true purpose is, is to think about it as your rebel cry.

There’s a great book called 3 Word Rebellion by Dr. Michelle Mazur that talks about taking a good, hard look at the things you want to change about the world and figuring out how YOU can play a part in that change.

I really do think that’s the key. So here’s an exercise I highly recommend.

Ask yourself the following 3 questions and record your answers in your Story Journal:

1. What’s one thing that’s driving me crazy about the world today?

2. What’s one thing that’s breaking my heart?

3. What’s one change I’m praying to see happen within my own lifetime?

To hear how I answered those questions, listen to the full episode by clicking here.

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