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The Six Story Sister Archetypes

Updated: May 10, 2023

One of the keys to creating a strong brand is knowing what makes your brand voice stand out from the crowd. So if you think about the many speakers, authors, leaders and changemakers who are out there, they’ve all succeeded in large part, because they were courageous enough to go against the flow.

Many have done this by establishing a strong brand voice, and by using that brand voice consistently, these individuals and companies have been able to successfully make an impact with their audience.

So let me ask you this: are you still trying to sound, look and be like everyone else? Or are you ready to stand out? Because if so, today’s podcast episode is for you!

Join me as I discuss the 6 Story Sister Archetypes from Artist to Anarchist and decide which Archetype sounds most familiar to you. You might even want to pause this episode from time to time or take a few notes as we dig deep into what it takes to unlock your brand voice.

What is an archetype? - Generally speaking, an archetype is an original model of something that is developed or made. This includes a set of defining characteristics or traits that are shared by a particular group of people, in this case, Storytellers.

What is a Story Sister? - A Story Sister is a woman-identifying individual who is intent on growing her personal or professional brand through authentic storytelling.

The 6 Story Sister Archetypes are:

Story Sister Archetype 1 – The Artist (The Creative Storyteller)

Story Sister Archetype 2 – The Architect (the Methodical Storyteller)

Story Sister Archetype 3 – The Ambassador (Diplomatic Storyteller)

Story Sister Archetype 4 –The Advocate (The Cause-Based Storyteller)

Story Sister Archetype 5 – The Activist (Action-Driven Storyteller)

Story Sister Archetype 6 – The Anarchist (Rebellious Storyteller)

The first three Story Sister Archetypes can be grouped together under the Category of Creator: Artists, Architects and Ambassadors.

The last three Story Sister Archetypes can be grouped together under the Category of Crusader: Advocates, Activists and Anarchists.

The question is: which one are YOU?

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