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What's Your Story DNA?

Updated: May 8

In Episode 127 of the Power Your Platform Podcast, I'm talking about the Story DNA that’s inside every single one of us. It’s the secret formula that makes our brand or business stand out in the marketplace, and if you’re not harnessing its power already, today’s episode is a great place to get started.

So what exactly is our Story DNA?

To help you remember what makes YOUR story unique, think of it as three key parts of your life:
Your Development, Your Natural Interests and Abilities and Your Alignment.

The first component of our Story DNA is Our Development. And when I think of Development, I think of the early years that helped shaped who we are today. That includes our family dynamic, early socialization and schooling which are all major components of our early childhood development (ages 0 to 8).

Question: What were some of the most important defining moments that you experienced before the age of 8? How did they impact you and become a part of your life story?

The second component of our Story DNA is our Natural Gifts and Abilities. These are the aspects of us that come to use as easily as breathing. It’s likely how we had fun as kids and as adults, how we still find the deepest kind of joy and fulfillment.

Our natural gifts and abilities aren’t something we need to learn. More often, they are just a part of who we are.

Question: What are your natural gifts and abilities? How do they help you operate more effectively?

The third component of our Story DNA is our Alignment. And alignment is what happens when we are living in synch with our innermost values and deepest beliefs. Once we’ve done the work to consider the unique aspects of our development as well as our natural interests, values and abilities, we need to take the time to align who we are with the work that we do.

Note: We don’t get to choose our development or even our nature. But we do get to choose how we align our story with the purpose we’re here to fulfill.

Click here to listen to the full episode.
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