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Hi, I'm Kerry! 


I've been collecting stories ever since I was a kid in pigtails and black patent shoes with white knee socks (scroll down for evidence!). As an only child, stories were a way to keep myself entertained. Reading stories naturally led to writing my own stories.


As I grew older, I began telling (and eventually selling) stories for a living as a writer, editor, speaker, educator, business owner and brand builder.


Now, more than 20 years after supporting my first client, I've helped hundreds of women just like you grow their personal and professional brands by creating powerful story strategies that get results.

Besides speaking on stages across North America, and hosting my own conferences, I've also spent more than 10,000 hours coaching women speakers, leaders and entrepreneurs, and booked hundreds of speakers for events in the public and private sectors. 

Today, my past students and clients are successful media personalities, stage presenters, podcasters, YouTubers, bloggers, authors, business owners, brand managers, fundraisers and more.

The bottom line is this: the world needs your story. And I can help.

Convinced already? Click here to start growing your story brand!

Need more convincing? Read on! 

Using the PowerHER Platform approach, I help clients:

  • Find their unique story path and develop signature frameworks, formulas and creative story products                                                                                                               

  • Build a messaging platform that speaks directly to audience needs and creates a vibrant community                                                                                                                    

  • Grow a profitable story sharing strategy that makes an impact and leads to a diversified income model  

PowerHER Platform might be right for you if you want to:

1. Share your knowledge and experiences with others (but you’re not sure who would be interested or how to reach them).

2. Create powerful speaking tools and topics (but you don't know where to start).

3. Build your dream speaking platform (but you’re not sure what that would look like).

4. Start earning an income sharing your gifts (but the idea of “selling” freaks you out).

5. Work with a dedicated accountability partner (but you haven’t been able to find anyone who actually cares about YOUR success).

PowerHER Platform might NOT be right for you if you don’t want to:

1. Stretch yourself and discover the possibilities outside your comfort zone.

2. Learn new skills and experiment with new ideas.

3. Meet new people and experience different points of view.

4. Create a plan for success and stick with it.

5. Be a part of a community of women supporting women who value collaboration over competition.

Story Coach Kerry Ramsay
Story Coach Kerry Ramsay
Story Coach Kerry Ramsay
Story Coach Kerry Ramsay

Yup, that's me at age six. Check out that shag rug!


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