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Season 2 Wrap-Up Party!

It’s hard to believe we’ve already reached the end of Season 2 of the Power Your Platform Podcast! Over the past few months, I’ve had the chance to interview some incredible, some of whom you’ll get to hear from today in this special episode.

To celebrate, I’ve created an audio mash-up of interview clips that inspired me and others, and which really helped to make this past season meaningful. Thanks to everyone who was a guest on this podcast in Season 2 – you know who you are, and you know how much I appreciate you and the work you do!

Aha Moment #1 – How to Take a Story from Good to Great

In Episode 103, I love that Sonja mentioned the importance of authenticity when storytelling, and not only that, but the difference between spewing information and actually creating a human connection with our audience. Brilliant!

Aha Moment #2 – Building Confidence through Image Clarity

In Episode 115, I spoke with Diana Renelli, a Toronto-based brand photographer who works with women to help them amplify their message through intentional photographs. In this conversation, Diana and talked about the importance of imagery in storytelling and how we become more confident the clearer we become in our messaging. Love it!

Aha Moment #3 – Separating Your Self-Worth from Your Net Worth

In Episode 126, my guest was Hadriana Leo of Money navigator International. Hadriana’s superpower is helping women understand and rewrite their money stories which is so vital to the success of any business. And in this conversation, she really drills down to the some core issues, one of which relates to becoming more confident storytellers and business leaders. The distinction Hadriana makes in this interview clip between net worth and self-worth is a thought I still carry with me today. Have a listen!

Once again, I'd like to thank ALL the amazing women I was able to interview on the podcast during Season 2.

While I didn’t have the time to recap every single conversation here today, I invite you to go back and listen to what they had to say about everything from marketing to mentoring. You won’t be sorry you did.

Up next: stay tuned for our Summer Recast Series which begins next week!

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