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Summer Recast Series Launches Today!

Are you ready to have a little bit of fun? I hope so, because in today’s episode, we’re talking about Joyful Storytelling.

Studies show that people who have fun at work are healthier, more inspired, more satisfied with their work and – oh yeah – more productive. They’re also a whole lot nicer to be around!

Recently, I started paying more attention to my own workday routines to see how much fun I was having on the job. And as I’ve gotten better at making room for fun in my workday, my storytelling has become more… joyful!

Why is joyful storytelling important? I believe that if you’re going to convince someone to check out the work you’re doing and maybe even become a paying customer – then they’re going to need a little convincing.

Remember, you’re probably not the only one who’s offering whatever it is you’re selling.

So the story surrounding your product or service is really important. And if the story you’re telling comes across as desperate or uncertain or fearful even, then that’s not going to inspire someone to invest in what you’re putting out into the world.
Here are 3 fun ways I infuse more joy into my day, to help ensure my storytelling is equally joyful and connects more deeply with my core audience.

The first fun strategy is to look for the laughter.

Experts tell us that when we laugh, we actually recalibrate our brains to focus and concentrate more fully on our work. As a result, laughter can actually improve our productivity. Who knew!? What are the things that make you laugh? How can you invite more of that type of activity into your day? It could be as simple as a phone call with a hilarious friend over the lunch hour or watching a 5 minute comedy clip. Maybe it’s just laughing at your pet’s crazy antics if you work from home. Whatever works for you, build in some time for laughter!

The second strategy is to find your tribe.

Loneliness can lead to some dark days if we’re not careful. I think we all realize by now that when left alone with our own negative thoughts, we can do some real damage to our own self-esteem AND the way we think about our business. This negative vibe can actually STOP us from sharing our story and lead us to withdraw completely from interacting with our core audience. Or, if we do put out content, it tends to be less exciting a little more negative in tone.

But when we come together with others who share similar goals and values, then we can draw strength from the group.

Actress Kate Hudson once said, “The more we connect, they more content and happy we feel.” And that feeling of contentment and happiness inevitably leads to a more joyful sharing of our own business story with the world around us.

The third way we can brighten our business story is by prioritizing play and creativity.

Because here’s the thing: when we make room for play and creativity in our workday, we make room for better problem-solving, more innovation and overall better business results. One woman I know only writes in purple ink! I like to build dance breaks into my day or time to play with my dog.

So go ahead and get creative today – and remember, it’s a practice, so the more you do it, the easier it will get to step into your creative flow when you need it most.

Click here to download your FREE Joyful Storyteller Checklist.

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