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Marketing Made Simple: A Live Story Coaching Call with Christine Peets

In Episode 114 of the Power Your Platform Podcast we’re dropping in on another live coaching call with me and a female entrepreneur just like you.

This time, my conversation is with Christine Peets of Aging Backwards with Christine. In this coaching call, Christine has some questions about how to reach her audience by creating a simple marketing strategy that will build trust with her ideal clients.

So for those of you who are listening who are also finding it difficult to remain top-of-mind with your target group of clients or customers, I hope you find today’s coaching call helpful.

And hey, if you’re interested in receiving a free, 30-minute coaching call that we can air right here on the Power Your Platform Podcast, then reach out to me today by clicking here. I’d love to chat with you and find out if your question is a fit for this show.

Until next time, keep owning your story, following your purpose and raising your voice – because the world is waiting to hear YOUR story.

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