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Mojomaker Pamela Sylvan Shares How to Set Yourself Up for Success

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

In Episode 15 of the Power Your Platform Podcast, I have the privilege of interviewing Pamela Sylvan, President of Mojomaker Productions in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia.

As a professional Mojomaker Pamela is passionate about building trust and helping her audience have greater influence, impact and confidence in their business and careers.

She’s been a sought-after speaker and mentor for the past 25 years and I’m also lucky enough to say she’s a wonderful friend of mine.

Here are my top 10 takeaways from my conversation with Pamela:

1. Our brand story must have an online presence.

2. We need to take our personal branding seriously (while also having some fun).

3. We’re never finished facing our limiting beliefs.

4. Stay connected with your own thoughts; they’ll help keep you grounded.

5. Success is an inside job.

6. Choose the branding tools that feel most like home for you.

7. Be grateful for the inspiration so it continues to come to you.

8. Believe you know something worth sharing with the world.

9. Do it scared – because when you do, you’ll inspire someone else to do the same.

10. There’s medicine in community.

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