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Be a Part of the Story Wave!

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

In episode 68 of the Power Your Platform Podcast, we're talking about being a part of the story wave.

Have you ever been to a baseball game where somewhere in the stands, a group of fans starts doing the Wave?

As a mom of a baseball player, I’ve been a part of my fair share of waves! And the one thing I love about them in the momentum they represent.

The reason why it’s so important for us to own our story and feel comfortable sharing it, is because there are “waves” of important messages that are rippling throughout the world right now. And we need to do our part to make sure they reach the right people and have a positive impact.

Whatever the movement is, we always have two choices: we can stand up, raise our voice and be a part of the positive action or we can slow down the movement and force it to go around us until it finds someone else who’s willing to do the job.

The choice we make about whether or not to stand up and share our story has a profound impact on us either way.

On the one hand, we can say, “Hey, I’ve got a voice. I’ve got a story. So I’m going to get involved and I’m going to share my story. Because I know that somewhere, someone needs to hear it.”

The cool thing is that once we do share our story, we inspire OTHERS to share their own story. And the Wave goes on. The momentum continues. The energy spreads. And it is MAGIC!

On the other hand, when we sit it out, not only does it slow the momentum of the wave, but WE miss out on the opportunity to be a part of something that’s bigger than ourselves.

There’s an incredible feeling that happens when we plug into a cause that’s worth being a part of. And I’m not even suggesting it has to be a controversial cause. I’m talking about making change right where you live and causes that mean something to YOU. Causes that have some momentum flowing, but if you got involved and raised your hand and lent your voice to the cause, it would all just get done quicker and the needs would be met sooner.

The truth is, when we don’t stand up and raise our voice, we’re really the one who’s missing out. Because one way or another, the positive change that needs to happen in this world is still going to happen. But it will likely happen a lot more slowly.

We also lose out on a golden opportunity to build our own sense of self-confidence, and expand our skillset and to be a part of something we can be proud of. And the wave has to start all over again because we kept our seat and broke the flow.

If this scenario sounds familiar, maybe you’re thinking, “Hey, she’s talking about me! I sit it out way too often! And I want to get involved and share my story! But how do I do it?”

So here are 3 steps to becoming a part of a Wave and making the impact in the world that you were meant to have:

1. Own Your Story.

2. Follow Your Purpose

3. Raise Your Voice

When you do, you’ll become a part of the momentum and no longer the one who’s too distracted to see her true potential and use it for good. Instead, you’ll be swept up in a positive Wave of change that’s designed to make a real impact in the world.

And I can’t think of anything better to cheer about – how about you?

To listen in to the full episode, click here.

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