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Long Weekend Reading List: Four Book Recommendations by Inspiring Women

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

This long weekend, I've put together a list of four of my favourite books written by women to help inspire you.

In this book, Eve talks about the fact that creativity is not optional, it’s absolutely essential. And she backs it up with plenty of interesting stories and research. The main message of her book is that we need to clear a path to reclaim our unicorn space, and engage in fun, creative activities in the midst of our “busy’ lives. Only when we spend time in our unicorn spaces, Eve argues, will we be able to unleash our gifts and talents into the world.

In “Mother of Invention”, the author demonstrates how gender bias stifles the economy and holds us back, delaying innovations sometimes for hundreds of years. But, she argues, if we would get rid of our biases towards innovative ideas originating with women, we would be able to unleash the full potential of our global economy.

She points out that when society brands something as feminine – like a rolling suitcase for instance – these ideas have traditionally been seen as inferior, or less innovative, and certainly not worthy of investment or being taken seriously. And if you’re a woman entrepreneur who has ever sought out venture capital, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

In this book, Payal talks about her unique approach to goalsetting that changed her life and her business. Using her four-step approach, her LifePass followers reflect on their life, identify their dreams, put themselves back in charge of their priorities and make progress towards specific, measurable goals in life and in business.

In this book, Denise helps her readers articulate more clearly; gain confidence in any situation; release tension and stress; address speech issues and become more powerful speakers in the process.

If the budget is tight, be sure to look for these books at your local public library or make an effort to support local by shopping at a small bookstore near you.

Happy long weekend, everyone!

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